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The Science and Art of Herbalism with former Flower Power apprentice 
Kelly Hoffman of Song Dog Wellness

$705 ($695 + $10 FP RSVP Fee)

Registration fee through Flower Power is $10 dollars, at which point all other arrangements will be made with Kelly Hoffman directly.

The Science and Art of Herbalism is one of the foundational courses in herbal studies written by Rosemary Gladstar and has been used in training home herbalists for decades.  In her words:

 “The Science & Art of Herbalism is not a clinical level program, nor is the focus only on medical herbalism. Rather, the course builds a firm foundation upon which to continue to build one’s herbal education. It guides the student into the many areas and aspects of herbs providing pathways to deepen one’s awareness. The students complete the course with a well-rounded and grounded herbal education. The course is geared towards the beginner/intermediate students but can help even more advanced students to better organize their own source of knowing and information. The Science & Art of Herbalism provides a systematic, comprehensive way to organize one’s studies and gives excellent resources and techniques for doing so.”

Class dates are Tuesday evenings, 6 – 9 pm
8/31 , 9/28, 10/26, 11/30, 1/4, 2/1, 3/1, 3/29, 4/26, 5/31

Some of the topics Included in the original lessons:

         Medicine Making and Formulating- Teas, Tinctures, Topicals            Natural Skin Care            Herbal First Aid            Introductory Aromatherapy            Simple Clinical Mock Up Cases            Respiratory System Care            Nervous System Care            Urinary System Care            Hayfever / Allergies            Herbs for Children            Reproductive Health            Sustainability and Sourcing Herbal Products

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This is a time-honored program I have taught since 2003 to hundreds of students interested in mastering the truly amazing holistic practice of Flower Essence Therapy….A very exciting 9 month Apprenticeship Program I am offering at beginning


Saturday, September 18, 2021, from 2pm to 3:30pm, one Saturday each month for 9 months!

   I am a Bach & FES Certified practitioner since 2001 and have offered this program to many successful students, at my home, both in groups and privately, for $125/month.  I feel it is now time to reach more people and train more Apprentices in this fascinating, deeply healing, direct from the heart of Mother Nature modality, which I call, “Nature’s Vitamins for the Emotions.”  Therefore, I have reduced the fee (see below).

  The purpose of this 9 month program is 3-fold:

(1) to month-by-month, – review and heal, chronologically – all the major time frames and areas of our lives from early childhood through where we are now;

(2) to learn the Bach and FES flower essences so that when you’ve finished the program you will have an excellent flower essence vocabulary and be able to confidently work with yourselves and with clients using flower essence therapy – either as a single healing protocol or in combination with other healing modalities you may use;

(3) to set a goal for why you’re taking the training (career change, anything you can dream of!) and complete this goal.  NO PREVIOUS TRAINING IS NECESSARY.

   Each month, you will be given: (1) handouts with much relevant information to the area of life we are studying (the feeling self, the physical self, the work self, the Spiritual self, and on and on) and (2) have suggested flower essences to read about in The FES Repertory, and be asked to choose 3 essences to work with during the course of the month.


Those who finish the program will receive a lovely meaningful Certificate.   It is not necessary to come to every teaching, but you must, if you miss a session, get the month’s materials from me and do the month’s work on your own.  The fee is $150 due at the first session- AND $150 due at the 5th session.  You are also required to have 2 private sessions with me during the program- by phone if necessary ($30 each).


The first private session MUST BE WITHIN THE FIRST 3 MONTH PERIOD…The second private session MUST BE BEFORE SESSION 8.  You are responsible for booking these privates!  During the final session, month 9, you are given all the forms and protocols to start your own flower essence counseling business along with your well-earned Certificate.


   We will meet one Saturday afternoon each month, approximately one month apart through Zoom.   You have the power of our monthly Circles to encourage you and to share what we learn!  YOU WILL KNOW FLOWER ESSENCE THERAPY UPON COMPLETION!  The program is lots of fun and not difficult however home-work and healing intent are required!

212-957-7722 or

Your only purchases will be The FES Repertory which can be purchased at Flower Power or through FES – and whatever flower essences you choose to work with each month.
Essences can be gotten at Flower Power or through FES –


*All Saturday dates will be given by September 1st, 2021.