The Changing Sky: Learning Predictive Astrology by Steven Forrest


Steven Forrest, author of the award-winning and critically acclaimed book on basic astrology, The Inner Sky, sequels that outstanding work with this dynamic text on predictive astrology. Here you will find a brief review of the astrological basics (planets, houses, signs and aspects) and then the heart of the book: Transits – the current positions of the planets in the sky compared to one’s birth chart. Outer planets are discussed in terms of their “Teacher” or “Trickster” potentials. Also addressed is the cycle of the houses and the tasks represented by each. Progressions – a day symbolically equated to a year in one’s life. Thorough explanations of progressed Moon through the houses and signs, and changing angles (Midheaven and Ascendant) are presented. And the Art of Synthesis – how to put it all together. This practical guide to predictive astrology shows the reader how to make better life choices, with a focus on personal freedom and responsibility.

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