Recipes From My Cauldron: A Vegan Witch’s Kitchen by Rebecca Fey


Vegan, Gluten-Free, Corn-Free and Yeast-Free recipes! Recipes from my Cauldron takes you beyond just a cookbook – it explores the nutritional and magical offerings of many of the plants used to create these offerings. With this cookbook your kitchen transforms into a place of healing, magick, and deliciousness! I started out just wanting to make a cookbook out of all my recipes. Though it’s become more popular now, almost 20 years ago when I first found out I was basically allergic to the world, there was no such thing as a “gluten-free vegan cookbook” to help me along the way. I knew then that I wanted to write one someday. But by the time I got around to it, it wasn’t as simple as just writing a cookbook. It was also about understanding what amazing things the ingredients can do for your health! And it was about how to use magic in the kitchen. So, foodies, witches, readers allergic to the world, and everyone just starting to learn to love cooking – welcome to my brain. It has stirred up love spells and joy spells for your baking needs. It wants you to nourish your body with pesto. And if you’re just here to cook then please enjoy some of my favorite recipes!

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