Protection/Banishing (Uncrossing) Spell Kit

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Protection/uncrossing kit:

Bath salt – sage, rosemary & lavender essential oils, dried garden sage, Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, jojoba 

Incense – rue, mugwort, dragon’s blood, frankincense, uncrossing oil 

Black tourmaline & beeswax candle


This kit is designed to assist you in your grounding work to help improve your personal power and shield yourself from negative energies. Whether you are concentrating on breaking a hex, shielding yourself from harmful behavior and/or increasing your confidence, this kit can be a useful tool in your work. Remember, this box contains elements that will aid you in your work. Your intention and energy focus is what puts power into any spell. These are just tools to help assist you in your workings. 


This bath salt is designed for cleansing your aura from spiritual negativity. Use the bath time to meditate, relax and open your mind to allow the universe to guide you. 


Black Tourmaline is associated with protection. It transmutes negative energy into positive. Helps to shield, improve self-confidence, grounding work, associated with root chakra.


The incense blend can be burned over charcoal in a fireproof container. Use the earthy, grounding scent of the smoke to help focus your mind on your goals of protection, shielding and self-care. Do not leave burning incense unattended. 


Candle – concentrate your focus and intention while burning the candle. Do not leave burning candle unattended.

Consult a physician before use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffering from a health condition.



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