Phoenix Faerie Balm


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Faerie Balm is an excellent creamy moisturizer. Tastes and feels delightful. Made with summer-picked linden flowers, wild rose petals and organic ingredients.


A perfect lip balm, as well as soothing moisturizer for small areas of the face, hands, cuticles and more. Linden flowers moisturize and soften the skin, and leave a mild wonderful fragrance – valued traditionally for relief of anxiety and headaches. Wild rose petals & organic lavender essential oil enhance these qualities- both rejuvenate the skin, and their fragrance benefits the nervous system. The floral bouquet is multi-nuanced, sweet and inspiring.


Long before I knew of Linden flowers as being good for my skin, I was in love with the lively magical scent, and the joyous spirit of the trees. Linden is the faerie tree in European folklore. The flowers also make a delicious therapeutic tea.


Phoenix herbal balms are moisturizing and therapeutic. Each has unique healing and aromatherapy benefits. I infuse wildcrafted herbs in a skin-nourishing base of organic oils and organic shea butter. Best applied right after washing skin with warm water. Best kept away from intense heat, light and moisture. Your balms arrive in mini muslin bags – ready to gift, or to enjoy as reusable teabags ~


Ingredients: organic olive oil, linden flowers, wild rose petals, organic shea butter, local beeswax, organic jojoba oil, organic lavender essential oil.


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