Phoenix Botanicals White Rose Opal Elixir 1/4 oz


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White Rose Opal Elixir
~Summer Solstice 2019
limited edition~

Delicious, uplifting, transforming ~ smooth sweet White Roses and the flowing magic of Opal.

Drink a couple of drops of White Rose Opal elixir drops straight, or add a dropperful to a cup of cool water, to experience a gentle refreshment and joyous well being, heart and intuition expanding, and improved circulation and energetic flow. 
Potent potion- a little goes a long way!

This drinkable elixir is made with 3 rounds of infused white rose petals (Rosa rugosa / Beach Rose) gathered by me this summer on wild pristine Atlantic coastland. One round was gathered on the potent, sunny Solstice June 22.

ROSE, the queen of flowers is heart opening and nourishing, encouraging openness and self love. It is cooling and refreshing to the body and spirit, helping circulation and easing tension, stress and headaches. 
The Wild Roses growing along the NE Atlantic coast are my favorite roses, with their large silky petals, amazingly powerful scent touched by the sea air, and hardy leaves and thorns. The white color variety in particular has a more peaceful, smooth scent and energy compared to the pink.

OPAL assists energy flow in a joyful way, and is specifically employed in overcoming creative blocks. The milky white opal infused in this elixir was chosen especially for this from the crystal store- as it felt to me like the energy of the white roses amplified. The colors remind of the infusing petals against the golden sand and blues of sky and ocean. 

Store this elixir in your fridge standing upright for optimum freshness and taste.

Ingredients: white wild rose petals, triple distilled vodka, organic cane alcohol, milky translucent rainbow Opal, sun, ocean air, love.


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