Phoenix Botanicals White Rose Opal Elixir 1/2 oz


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White Rose Opal Elixir
~Summer Solstice 2019
limited edition~

Delicious, uplifting, transforming ~ smooth sweet White Roses and the flowing magic of Opal.

Drink a couple of drops of White Rose Opal elixir drops straight, or add a dropperful to a cup of cool water, to experience a gentle refreshment and joyous well being, heart and intuition expanding, and improved circulation and energetic flow. 
Potent potion- a little goes a long way!

This drinkable elixir is made with 3 rounds of infused white rose petals (Rosa rugosa / Beach Rose) gathered by me this summer on wild pristine Atlantic coastland. One round was gathered on the potent, sunny Solstice June 22.

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