Midnight City Tarot Deck & Guidebook by Jackie Franco

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A vibrant, modern deck inspired by The Fool’s journey through New York City. Based on the traditional 78 card tarot system, but re-imagined with a uniquely metropolitan twist, these hand-illustrated cards bring the magic of the big city into the palm of your hand.

This is the Tarot experienced in New York City.

For city witches past, present and future
Whether you dream of visiting the city someday, currently call it home, or perhaps you did in a past life, Midnight City Tarot brings the heart of New York City to your fingertips.

Featuring art that breaks the borders and extends beyond the binary, this welcoming candy-colored deck invites you to imagine yourself and the people in your life within each of the cards. The detailed scenes depicted on every card convey their meaning, making it effortless to pick up this deck and receive messages on day one. The approachable style of the art makes this deck great for beginners and seasoned readers alike.

Learn more about the illustrations as well as the nuances of the tarot.

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