METAPHYSIK : Boswellia Serrata (Frankincense) Tincture


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Reduces inflammation and joint pain, protects the liver, stimulates cell death in cancer cells. 

Traditionally used to reduce global inflammation in the body, balance hormones, boost immune function, instill a general sense of wellbeing, and reduce tumors in certain types of cancer.

* Sustainably wildcrafted

* Never stored in plastic

* Organic

* Gluten Free

* Dry herb/ menstruum ratio 1:3

* Extraction rate 350 mg per ml

Ingredients: organic alcohol (170 proof), filtered water, organic boswellia serrata (Frankincense).

Made with organic alcohol from Short Mountain Distillery in Tennessee. 

Adonito’s Milk of Frankincense is a very pure and particularly potent extract of resin. It contains the full spectrum of active compounds necessary to achieve the best possible outcomes in a wide range of applications.

Adonito’s Milk of Frankincense is formulated for use as a daily supplement, and as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. It was created by herbalist Adonito Flores, with the goal of bottling the extract in its purest organic form: safe, potent, and effective. Since it is a resin it is particularly difficult for individual users to create at home, and formulating frankincense in a manner that is both palatable and easily digestible is a challenge. There are important safety and environmental considerations as well.

Frankincense is a precious natural resource of great value, and sadly the improper and/or overzealous harvesting of the resin can damage the trees from which it is derived. For this reason the resins used in Adonito’s Milk of Frankincense are sourced exclusively from the herbalists of the Betwa forest in India. These herbalists are committed to sustainability and good stewardship of the land.

Extracting and formulating our Milk of Frankincense involves a pure and simple process, with only organic corn alcohol from Short Mountain, Tennessee (never stored in plastic); a 100% stainless steal still; and glass bottling: no chemicals, and no impurities.

*Please Note: The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. This product is intended as a daily supplement. As with any supplement, you should discuss the use of this product with your healthcare provider.


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