From Bears and Trees to Mushrooms and Bees: The Story of a Boy who Saves the Honey Bee by David Marshall and Paul Stamets


For young Max summer vacation is the best time of the year. Each year he leaves home to stay with his grandpa on the farm. It’s a magical time of year, full of festivals and even a chance to touch the sky in his grandpa’s restored biplane, Queen Bee. But this year is different.
Max learns about the plight of the honey bees just before summer begins and wonders what can be done. After the answer comes to Max in a dream, the young boy finds his summer at the farm quickly turning into a high-flying, scientific adventure to save the bees.
Authors David Marshall and Paul Stamets motivate young readers with an inspirational tale about overcoming the biggest obstacles. The perfect book for your inquisitive future scientist with lessons about the food chain and problem-solving underscored by the interconnectedness of nature. To be read over 3 nights. For ages 4 -12.

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