FES Chamo-Mild Calm Flora Fusions Bath & Body Oils


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A Liquid Lullaby to Quiet & Comfort

  • Agitation and Angst: massage into entire face, or forehead and temples, or to the palm of the hands, closing eyes and breathing in deeply for several minutes
  • Bedtime Bath Balm: add several ounces to warm bathwater and soak yourself serene for sleep
  • Cranky Kid Calmer: for teething, excessive crying or general fussiness – rub on child’s belly and other places of discomfort
  • Tranquil Tummy: rub in circular patterns on the stomach when experiencing symptoms of indigestion, flatulence or general tension in the solar plexus
  • Menstrual Mender: for cramping or general moodiness during menstruation.
  • Tame your Flame: rub frequently into any area of chronic inflammation, to bring restorative soothing relief
  • Meltdown Massage: use as a full body massage to nurture your partner or friend, or even to soothe your pet.


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