Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner & Outer Planets by Barbara Hand Clow


Discover the inner secrets of Chiron, the most recently discovered planet, and see how it is interpreted in astrological charts with Chiron by renowned astrologer Barbara Hand Clow.
Chiron is alchemist and healer, initiator and visionary, teacher of integrity and of bravery. This groundbreaking guide, in print since 1987, explores Chiron’s mythology and history and analyzes its meaning in each sign and house in the natal chart. Chiron explores this planet’s mythological background and history as well as its effect on astrology. This comprehensive astrology book includes:
* The meaning of Chiron when it appears in each house
* The meaning of Chiron in aspect to each planet
* The meaning of Chiron through each sign
* The mythological legacy of Chiron
* A Chiron ephemeris
* Chiron in transit
* Chiron as a bridge between the inner and outer planets
Based on over 700 charts from the author’s personal files, Chiron is the first book to explore in depth the astrological meanings of this planet. Learn how you can incorporate Chironic wisdom in your astrological readings and your life with this groundbreaking work.

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