Brown Bear Clear Mind Herbal Cigarettes Pack


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This is our lightest blend. It has a hint of mint that is felt more than tasted. This blend is cooling and calming to the emotions. The herbs in this blend have historically been used to still the mind.
Take a moment for yourself before you meditate, begin a project, when you’re getting ready to brainstorm, or when you’re just feeling the vibe on nature excursion.
Tips: This blend is usually a favorite of solo smokers, writers and MJ fans
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If you are a writer or artist, you might appreciate our Artist’s Dream Tea, it can be helpful with creative blocks. 
Organic Ingredients: gotu kola, spearmint, linden, and mullein.
10 per pack. Hand rolled with natural/sustainable papers. Special message in the crutch…unwrap the color-coded bear after smoking. Handcrafted with love in Portland, OR. 100% compostable if you don’t want to keep your message 🙂

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