Beyond the Veil Magical Oil


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essential oils of frankincense, sage, vetivert, anise, Tulsi and palo santo.  Labradorite crystal.
Many believe that a Veil or ‘Curtain’ separate our world from the Spirit World. At key points within the year, namely Beltain and Samhain, the veil that separates these worlds become thinner – allowing an enhanced or easier connection to not only Spirit, but our Ancestors too. This oil can be used to enhance any Spirit Contact or Mediumship working – not only for yourself or others but for any space too. It also makes a nice addition to any Ancestral Working or Offerings you may be doing – at any time of the year.

Our hand blended magical oils are supplied in a 15ml glass amber bottle. Blended with  100% pure essential oils, and charged with the energy of crystals and gemstones. 

Each batch of this oil has been charged and blessed under the energy of specific astrological events.


How To Use

For yourself or others – You can anoint yourself, a photograph, a candle or a circle. 


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