Aromatherapy Workbook by Marcel Lavabre


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Aromatherapy Workbook, first published in 1990, is an essential guide to the history, folklore, science, and practice of aromatherapy. It features more than seventy essential oils classified by botanical family with detailed discussions of their specific actions, along with unique insights into their energetic and spiritual properties. This revised edition incorporates the latest biochemical research with the spiritual and psychological understanding of essential oils. 


Author Marcel Lavabre, a founder of the American Aromatherapy Association, explains the mysterious and powerful influence of scent on our mental state, emotion, and sexuality. He discusses the various methods of extraction, devotes a special section to the art of blending, and presents specific formulas for disorders such as digestive and circulatory ailments, headaches, insomnia, and menstrual problems. Aromatherapy Workbook is an ideal guide for beginners as well as a reference for practitioners. 


• More than 90,000 copies sold. 


• Easy-to-follow illustrated reference for beginners. 


• A desk resource and teaching tool for practicing aromatherapists.


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