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Eye Defense (Bilberry/Calendula)

Supports and maintains ocular health.

Animal Essentials is a line of glycerin based herbal tinctures for your pets! These tinctures are only available for pick up from PIERMONT, they are not available at the East Village location for pick up.

Eye Defense (Bilberry/Calendula)

Supports and maintains ocular health.

Contains bilberry, calendula, vegetable glycerin, distilled water.
Originally formulated at the request of veterinarians in Tokyo, Japan, this lutein-rich formula helps support and maintain healthy eyes and vision. It’s designed for aging animals and those subjected to high levels of smog.


•Supports and helps maintain ocular health


•100% Human Grade, Sustainable Ingredients

•Suitable for dogs and cats of all ages

•Tastes great, easy to feed!

•Vegetable glycerin based, alcohol-free

•Used and recommended by veterinarians in the USA, Japan, Korea and Taiwan!

•A one ounce bottle with last up to 30 days for a 30 lb/13.6 kg dog


(per 1 ml)

A Proprietary Blend of: Calendula flowers (Calendula off) and bilberry fruit (Vacciniummyrtillus )……………………………………250 mg.

Inactive Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin and distilled water.


Apply orally; 2-3 times daily. 

Squirt the recommended dose directly into your companion’s mouth, preferably between meals, using the graduated dropper provided. This will allow for maximum absorption without interference from food uoot, fennel seed, yucca root, vegetable glycerin, distilled water.

Heart Health (Hawthorn plus)

Supports cardiovascular function.

Contains a blend of hawthorn berries, ginkgo leaf, garlic, vegetable glycerin, distilled water.

An alcohol-free, sweet tasting, glycerin-based herbal tincture, to support healthy cardiovascular 


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