Mushroom Identification Walks with Alex Followill

The mushroom world is a robust and magical community. 

Join us for a mushroom identification walk & talk, which will introduce edible and poisonous mushrooms which can be delicious, medicinal, or simply admired! We will investigate mushrooms growing in our proximity & practice our identification & foraging skills. This workshop will be led by Alex Followill, a local forager, educator, and mycologist!

Please dress for the weather, and bring a notebook and writing implements! We will accept walk ins for this workshop for $30 at the door. Please meet outside the PIERMONT FLOWER POWER, 449 PIERMONT AVE @ right at 6PM, to visit the local parks.

Alex first discovered mycology as an undergrad in Iowa by learning to identify the safest edible mushrooms.  He later expanded his knowledge through graduate-level work in North Carolina and has since spent countless hours searching for and identifying all kinds of mushrooms.  Alex prefers to err on the side of caution and will often go to the microscope to verify the identity of a new species of mushroom before consuming it. Alex now lives in Nyack with his wife and young child and teaches science at a local high school.