We are an extraordinary retail store, an indispensable resource to superlative organically cultivated herbs, roots, flowers, leaves and seeds. We sell a considerable collection of loose, bulk dried herbs, in their potent natural state — for use in Teas, Infusions, Decoctions, Cooking, Aromatherapy, Bath and Body care. Just to name a few of their applications.

We carry Herbal Extracts, Organic Mushroom Extracts, as well as Infused Oils, Perfumes, Salves and Ointments prepared with careful attention to preserve the nourishing and tonyfing properties and constituents of each herb. We carry Wyndmere Pure Essential Oils.  Our lovely Perfumes, made by Phoenix Botanicals. We are proud to carry an entire line of Shea Butter products made by Dr. Amikole, a family member in spirit and integrity who is also a legend in her own right. We house the complete stock of ALASKAN, GREEN TARA and BACH Flower Essences as well as Gem Elixirs. We have Magical Oils and Metaphysical Charms, Herbal and Seaweed Baths, Bath Salts, Baby care products, Dream Pillows, Potpourri, Nutmeg Graters, Apothecary Jars, Mugs, Matcha tea Bowls and whisks, Tea strainers, Neti Pots, not to mention a variety of handcrafted gifts and cherishables. 

We also house an intelligent selection of herbal Books that range in topic from the pragmatic cultivation and utilization of herbs, to those that discern their more spiritual qualities. In addition, we carry a collection of burnable Incenses, Resins, Gums, Waxes and Leaves, Charcoal as well as many different kinds of Burners and Diffusers for keeping your Deity appeased or for simply revelling in some fragrant air. 

The store’s resident Wise Woman/Flower Shaman, Lata Chettri-Kennedy, is a knowledgeable and quality driven herbalist who is loved and admired far and wide for her integrity as well as her loving positive energy and the empowering information she offers. All the Wise Women/Green Witches at Flower Power are well versed and practicing Healing Magic empowering all those that enter our premises. 

We are located in the East Village of New York City.  at 406 East 9th Street, between Avenue A and First Avenue. @ The New Essex Market, 88 Essex Street (Delancey Street) we are Stall #36 and also in Piermont, NY at 449 Piermont Avenue. Come visit! 

Call us! 212-982-6664. WE CARE!!!